how to save money in shopping

Shopping does not necessarily mean that you spend money; you can save money on shopping. How can you save money on shopping? It just takes a little creativity, patience and planning. Shopping wisely and saving money means taking advantage of great deals and putting off impulsive buying.

Below is a September shopping guide to help you save money on your shopping:

With Labor Day comes a three-day weekend major sales holiday. You can get discounts when booking travel tickets and hotels. At this time when kids are back in school, there will be a slack in resorts and other vacation places. September, through the fall and up until Thanksgiving, cruises are cheaper.  Amusement parks will be offering discounts just before their closing date; no need to worry, you and your kids will still enjoy because September is still a bit warm.

Brick and mortar shopping malls and online stores will be putting down their prices too. There will be huge sales on clothes, shoes, and other personal items; even electronics and gadgets will be on sale. Whether we like it or not, Apple rules our world of gadgets. Previous years indicate that Apple will announce a new model this September. The release of a new iPhone will result to old models to go on sale. Pre-owned iPhones will also be on sale as most Apple fans will decide to upgrade.

Looking to buy a vehicle? September is an excellent time to do so. New models normally come out in September; hence, previous years’ vehicles will have mark down prices. Salesmen at car dealerships will be on their last leg to hit their third quarter sales goals so you can expect more discounts. Like vehicles, new models of major appliances will be coming out in the month of September.  Except for refrigerators, lowest prices of which can be found in late spring, you can buy major appliances at marked down prices in September.

School opening (late August and early September) will mean school supplies and fall clothing will be at discounted prices. Now is the time to replenish your office supplies and stock on items your kids may need for the whole school year.

Jewelers are more likely to cut down their prices (if you ask them) this month of September as it has been a long haul for them from their peak months (gift giving months of February and December).

With the end of summer, there will be clearance sale of warm weather items grills and lawn mowers, patio furniture and yard tools.

So you see, shopping need not mean spending your hard-earned money to get the things you need or maybe want. With wise planning, research and control of emotions you can save money in shopping if you shop wisely. Choose the stores including the online stores to get the best deal. Actually, it will profit you more if you utilize the internet as you can compare prices better, you won’t get tried walking from store to store and you don’t have to visit the store at specified times. Also, make sure that the online stores you visit offers not just discounts but cash back too.

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