What is the Best Make-up?

Why do we use make-up? To make us even more beautiful! I don’t know of any woman who doesn’t enjoy looking their best. We will go out of our way to purchase new cosmetic items that promise to make us look and feel like movie stars. There is nothing wrong with a little boost in our morale :).

Choosing the right or appropriate make-up is very important. Our make-up must complement our features, our skin tone and even our mode. So, how do we choose the make-up that will match your mood? What colors can make you look sexier?

Our make-up does not have to be expensive. An expensive mascara, foundation or eye shadow will not necessarily create the perfect look.  It takes making the right choice of make-up and proper application to create the perfect look.

The choice starts with choosing the right color for your foundation. A too dark foundation will result to a noticeable line along the jaw and the side of the face. To ensure that you choose the correct color for your skin tone, purchase a foundation during the day and try it on a spot on your face. Evaluate the effect as you look in a mirror in a well-lighted place of the store. If possible, go out or at least look for a place in the store where light shines so you can have a better indication of how close a match it is.

Choosing your eye shadow color is the next most important decision that you have to make to ensure that your make-up complements your features and your mood. There’s a strong misconception that any shade of blue shadow is a no-no. If you have blue eyes though, you need to highlight your eyes by applying a thin line of dark blue shadow along the lower and upper lashes. This enhances your eye color and makes them really pop. To further highlight your blue eyes, you can even use dark blue mascara.

Now if you have brown eyes, the best color shades are brown and pink. Experiment on chocolate brown mascara. It’s slightly different than black and can produce a much warmer look when matched with a tan colored shadow.

Another most important color choice to make is the color of lipstick. Most women struggle with this especially when cosmetic brands advertise fashion colors. Sometimes they make fiery red the fashion trend. I remember Avon doing this once and then when the movie Maleficent was shown every woman wanted to own a deep red lipstick. Women are most of the time influenced by fashion trend that they choose colors even if it does not complement them. Apart from the trend, there are just too many shades available in the market that it becomes very difficult and complicated to make the right choice. When this happens, sometimes it takes experiment to help you make the right choice. When you experiment with various shades, you will soon find the shade that becomes you. This doesn’t mean going out and buying twenty different lipsticks and giving them a try. Just go to the cosmetic counter, use the tester on your wrist to clearly see the color against your skin tone. Now if you really desire a bright red lipstick then your goal is to have a very strong look. Need I point you back to Maleficent?

Finally, when choosing the right colors for your make-up, it pays to ask a friend or friends their opinion. Your friend/s may not be a representation of the public but you at least get an opinion apart from yourself.



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