why women love jewelrieswhy women love jewelries

The use of jewelries can be traced back to ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Jewelries has stood the test of times, having been used for various reasons foremost of which is to adorn oneself. Use of jewelry has been consistent across space and time, across religions, cultures, class and gender.

Jewelries then and now are used to adorn oneself, satisfy a need and express one’s self. But why are women more concerned with jewelry than men? Why do women love jewelries? Why do we have that inherent (as it seems) fascination for jewelry?

Women are beauty conscious. Jewelries can make some body parts of the body stand out. Dangling earrings for instance enhance the jaw line; chokers enhance the neck and nape area. Jewelries can brighten the skin tone. Jewelries can direct the attention of people away from any physical flaws of a woman. For instance, a huge earlobe can be hidden with sparkling diamond stud. Women also use jewelries to match and complete their wardrobe and make them stand out.

Women are emotional; jewelries help them express themselves. Humans, most especially women, have a need/desire for jewelry. The need for jewelry is somewhere within the social needs and esteem needs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The need for one to belong to a group is a social need while the desire for recognition and for status is the esteem need. Jewelry is one of the things that can identify a certain group. If you go to a high society party, you will notice that there is something common in the jewelries that adorn their women. As a non-written rule, you have to wear a diamond-piece of jewelry.

Jewelry acts as an agent of personality. We somehow identify with a jewelry. A child born in December may develop a life-long attachment to turquoise, her birthstone, for no reason at all other than that turquoise is her birthstone. Our personality tends to draw to the stones we wear; we somehow imbibe the personality of the stone. For instance, we would like to wear ruby because it symbolizes passion or we wear amethyst because it symbolizes sobriety. Our esteem and ego is reinforced by the stones we wear.

Jewelry makes a woman more comfortable of herself. A jewelry gives her confidence and makes her feel special. As a romantic being, a woman is overjoyed when she receives an engagement ring, a jewelry gift from her husband or inherits a jewelry from an ancestor. This for her is a symbol of everlasting love and will forever treasure the gift.

Like any other human being, women would boast of their status. Jewelries are status symbols. We desire to be unique, to stand out from the herd. The rarer the jewel we possess, the more unique we are. The less common a jewel is, the more it is desire. For a jewelry to be valuable, it has to be perceived as rare. A single diamond may be coveted for its rarity or an elasticized ring paved with tens of rhinestones maybe desired because of its onomatopoeic bling. For jewelry to be so universally coveted it must possess inherent value.

Women will forever be in love with jewelries. So if you desire to make the love of your life happy, gift her with the gift of love, jewelries.


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