eye liner

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of one’s soul; thus, we want our eyes to be looking fabulous. One of the ways to make one’s eyes looking sexy and soulful is using liquid eyeliner. Not everyone was born with a pair of perfect looking eyes. Some people even go under the knife to achieve what they believe are perfect looking eyes.

You actually do not have to undergo this painful and expensive procedure. The mere use of an eyeliner can do the trick. An eyeliner is a perfect instrument to reshape your eyes. You don’t have to go under the knife for bigger-looking eyes if you know how to wield an eyeliner brush for your eye shape. If you have small eyes and prefer them bigger, you can make your eyes bigger with a smudged, smoky wraparound. If you want an elongated eye, you can do an exaggerated winged tip.

An eyeliner will also allow you to play with color and make a statement. Depending on the time of the day and the occasion, you can use the eyeliner to create your statement. For casual day wear, line only your outer eyelid. For an evening wear, line both the upper outer lid and lower outer lid.  An evening out would require a more intense look. To achieve this, line the upper and lower outer lids and the inner rim of your lower lid.

An eyeliner can also be use to fill in lashes and brighten tired eyes more effectively than mascara and concealer combined when used correctly.

I find Motives Liquid Eyeliner the best solution to achieve my perfect looking eyes. It comes with a fine tip to allow for precise application; you don’t need to be a professional to achieve a precise application. It glides on smoothly without pulling the sensitive skin around the eyes

Motives Liquid Eyeliner will help you create that perfect defined eye or a bold dramatic look. Its easy application can create dramatic, sexy eyes within minutes. No need to worry about re-touching because it is long lasting and water resistant.



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