No matter how you love perfumes, it sometimes becomes a daunting task to choose your perfume. Sometimes, you just so love the scent on someone but when you use that particular scent, it doesn’t smell that good on you.


To help us get started, let’s get to know some terminologies:

  1. Absolutes are pure, natural extracts and oils from flowers and other vegetable materials. These are very expensive.
  2. Eau de Cologne is mixture of three to five percent perfume oil, alcohol and water.
  3. Eau de Toilette is a mixture of four to eight percent perfume oil and alcohol; no water is added.
  4. Eau de Parfum is fifteen to eighteen percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol; no water is added.
  5. Perfume is fifteen to thirty percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol; no water is added. Having the most percentage of perfume oil, perfume costs more than Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Parfum.


Now, that we know the difference in the cost of the perfumes available in the market we can look into the categories of perfumes or their family chart. We have the floral and sweet; the citrus, fruity and fresh; the oriental and spicy; and the woody scent. From this category, we can choose a scent to match the season, the occasion or even your mood. Stronger scents should be worn during the cold season because strong scents would easily dissipate in the cold; thus, the people around you will not be overwhelmed if you wear a strong scent.  On the other hand, lighter scents are best worn during summer.  Scents of fresh cut grass, vanilla ice cream, flowers in bloom like rose, carnation, lavender, orange blossom, violets will smell great on summer months while evergreen and gingerbread scents are adorable in December. During the day, it is nice to wear something floral and sweet.  At night an oriental or spicy scent is ideal.


Take note of body chemistry when choosing your perfume. If your skin is on the dry side, the perfume will dissipate more quickly. Therefore, you need a highly concentrated perfume; meaning, you need to spend more on your perfume. If you choose a lesser concentrated perfume you will need to re-apply it more. There are some tricks though to make your scent last long. Put on lotion before spaying your perfume and know where to spray your perfume. This may surprise you but spraying perfume on pulse points is an old wives tale.  Pulse points are warmer; thus, spraying on these areas will dispel the scent faster. Spraying perfume on your hair will make your scent last longer (remember how long you carry the scent of your shampoo after you wash your hair?) and leaves the scented trail.

You should shop for your perfume in the warmer months because our sense of smell is keener in the warm weather. Never try out a bunch of different perfumes or colognes at a time because it will mask your sense of smell leaving you undecided on what scent you really like. This is the reason why after wearing the same perfume for days, you don’t smell it on you but others do.


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