luscious lips

Luscious autumn lips can be achieved only with Motives Lips Kit which costs 30% less than if the items were bought separately. This kit includes three Motives beauty products – Motives Vitamin C Lip Treatment, Motives Lip Crayon, and Motives Lip Shine.

Motives Vitamin C Lip Treatment is better than using a lip balm because it seeps into your lips and locks in more moisture. It also lasts longer than a balm, retaining moisture in the lips. Motives Vitamin C Lip Treatment should be applied before bed each night, and before applying any lipstick or lip gloss. The smooth formula promotes suppleness and improves the definition of the lip area while preserving moisture.


Motives Lip Crayon should be applied before putting on your lipstick to help keep the colour from bleeding. Motives Lip Crayon can also be used to make the lips look fuller or smaller. To achieve fuller-looking lips, apply just outside your natural lip line. To make lips appear smaller, apply foundation to the outer edges of your lip and draw a lip shape just inside your natural lip line. The colour of your Motives Lip Crayon should closely match that of your Motives lipstick. Line the outer edges of your lips from top to bottom. Pay close attention when you line the right and left corners of your lips to ensure you do not line too far outside your lip line. Motives Lip Crayon is an infusion of antioxidants which pampers lips for a healthy-looking pout while maintaining an all-day stay.


The final touch to your luscious autumn lips is applying Motives Lip Shine. Motives Lip Shine seeps into your lips while leaving a thin layer of brilliant, colourful shine that is not thick or sticky. It gives your lips a sheer tint of colour when worn alone. You can also layer over your favourite Motives Rich Formula Lipstick for more intense colour with shine.

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