how to enjoy cheese

The season of giving is fast approaching, so I thought of giving you a suggestion on what to give your special someone. This Wine and Cheese selection comprises three scrumptious cheeses, a tangy pickle, crunchy digestive biscuits and an excellent Cotes du.

Why say it cheese and wine? First of all, Wine and Cheese selection is considered a luxurious gift. It is given to someone very special or very important. The quality, taste, texture and colour will tell you why this combination is perfect for your special or very important someone. Cheese with its bright and sharp colours, coupled with its mellow bite conveys wishes of good health. Together with wine, it signifies the giver’s and the receiver’s excellent taste.


Cheese served with wine makes a mid-afternoon snack reminiscent of a Shakespearean feast. Accompany this Cheese and Wine selection with quality keepsake cheese utensils like wooden cheeseboards and fine knives to keep the memory of your thoughtfulness alive long after the treats have been enjoyed.


Say it with Cheese and Wine selection and you will never go wrong.


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